What to look for in a quality provider: a guide for parents and families with a child with a disability

This resource has been developed for parents to support your process of selecting and interacting with providers and to provide you with an overview of the information, resources and strategies you need to ensure your child is safe when cared for by others. This includes developing and strengthening your capacities and those of your children to feel and be safe.

This is an ongoing journey which you will take a number of times throughout your child’s life.

We have been assisted by the experiences and wisdom of other families who have also travelled this path.

The resource is broken into three stages that match the stages of your journey:

  • prepare
  • explore and
  • protect.

We have developed the resource to be read continuously or at different times. We invite you to step through them with the assistance of our PEP Talks guides:

  • the Prepare guide who with their suitcase demonstrates the preparation,  collection and storage of information and with a smile and wave is a friendly guide to assist you on your journey
  • the Explore guide who with their eye is always on the lookout for helpful information and eager to take the information on board. They are strong and open and active in the process as you are also.
  • the Protect guide who enhances all these qualities & more!  They are strong and have the ability to be fierce, to stand up for what has to be done.

Together they are a terrific team.

Introducing the PEP Talks Guides